I've always loved creating art, but I can't draw for toffee so photography was the obvious choice when I was wondering how to make a picture that didn't look like it had been done by a five year old. I mean, all you have to do is point and shoot, don't you?!
I realised a long time ago that the point and shoot style that I thought I was amazing at didn't quite fit with the type of photograph I like. (You can't fix an out of focus shot in Photoshop, believe me I tried, for about three weeks.) I figured I'd better start to actually learn how to turn the camera on, so I read, I practised, I asked and I listened and now not only can I turn the camera on, I can even replace the battery when it's run out!
For me the photograph is only a part of the image making process. I have a somewhat quirky and alternative style to my images. I like to show a different side to the things I photograph, creating an image that will make the viewer think and consider a different perspective. 
2010 - Capturing the Quays Calendar.
2010 - Calumet Flyer Cover.
2010 - Simply Saddleworth
2013 - Maidez Mama Calendar
2011 - Amateur Photographer
Exhibitions & Festivals
2011 - Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union Monochrome Portfolio.
2011 - Stalybridge Photographic Club.
2013 - Manchester Museum.
2014 - The Automation of Society, Tameside College.
2015 - What Is Love, Manchester
2016 - A Difficult Question, Safestore Self Storage, Old Trafford.
2016 - Saddleworth Photography Group,Reclamation Room, Uppermill
2017 - Saddleworth photography Group, Civic Hall, Uppermill
2017 – Seen, But Not Heard, University of Salford, Salford, Manchester.
Tameside College - B-Tec Extended Diploma in Photography 2012-2014
University of Salford - BA Hons Photography 2014 - 2017
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